The Challenge

The University of Arizona came to Molera Alvarez with the goal of raising funds to expand its College of Medicine/Bio-Medical Campus. As the only MD-granting medical school in the state, it was important for UA to continue educating Arizona’s best and brightest. Although many said it could not be done, Molera Alvarez was ready for the challenge.


We formed a coalition of stakeholders which included local city officials, university representatives and community leaders who advocated the merits of the funding proposal to the Governor’s Office and legislative leaders.


  • Secured the initial “seed money” of $60 million over a five-year period to expand the University of Arizona College of Medicine to Phoenix
  • Helped leverage the initial campus expansion to a larger development (in conjunction with the Arizona Board of Regents) of the Phoenix Bio-Medical Campus
  • Served as the lead lobbying firm in securing $470 million in capital financing needed to build the core infrastructure for the new campus
  • Since the Phoenix Bio-Medical Campus’ inception in Fiscal year 2006/07, over $125 million in additional operational funding has been allocated to this effort