International Business Services

International Business Services

International business and trade are built on trust, and the MA team members have forged bonds of trust with Mexican business and government leaders for more than two decades. Through those relationships, MA opens doors to trade and investment for leading companies and government entities.

MA and its strategic partners have guided companies in a variety of industry sectors – from advanced manufacturing to energy to infrastructure – through the primary stages of international business development.

Opening doors to trade and investment

You know your business needs foreign markets to grow, but you don’t know where to begin. Molera Alvarez is the strategic partner you need to enter new markets with confidence.

The Molera Alvarez team has built a trusted reputation with business and government leaders in Mexico and Canada for more than two decades. Through those relationships, Molera Alvarez has opened doors to cross-border international business and investment opportunities for public and private sector leaders in the lucrative North America market, as well as South America.

Whether you are a U.S. company looking to grow abroad or a foreign company looking to establish in the U.S., Molera Alvarez has the experience and connections to help you overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, and find the right partners and customers faster.

  • Market intelligence, including briefing and training U.S. companies on doing business in Mexico, connecting them with export promotion resources, and informing clients of industry trends in Mexico
  • Market research, including gathering and analyzing intelligence regarding business opportunities and competitors in Mexico, pertinent laws and regulations, pros and cons of target locations, financial projections, and analysis of supply chain opportunities
  • Identifying, vetting, tracking, and converting trade and sales leads into customers • International business-to-business matchmaking with potential customers, suppliers, service providers, and partners
  • Organizing and executing inbound and outbound trade and protocol missions
  • Facilitating participation of companies in trade shows, trade missions, and events in Mexico to provide direct market experience, education, and connections
  • Event planning services for large-scale, bilateral conferences
  • Development and analysis of trade-related policy initiatives
  • Cross-cultural, fully bilingual branding and marketing
  • Serving as official Trade Representative for the City of Phoenix and the City of Wichita
  • Running trade offices in Hermosillo and Mexico City for the City of Phoenix to provide business development and remote office services to Phoenix businesses and facilitate Mexican Foreign Direct Investment in Phoenix
  • Facilitating fast-track regulatory treatment in Mexico for a U.S. biomedical company
  • Developing partnerships between startup incubators in U.S. and Mexican cities
  • Assisting establishment of U.S. operations by Mexican transportation conglomerate
  • Identifying foreign Joint Venture partners for fleet vehicle export business
  • Connecting U.S. aerospace manufacturers with Mexico supply chain opportunities
  • Attracted a $2.2 million investment to Phoenix from Hermosillo-based Etiquetas Mexico, a large printing and label company.
  • Conducted 5 trade missions to Mexico for 9 Wichita companies resulting in US$500,000 in sales opportunities and US$20,000 in direct sales of Wichita goods and services.
  • Conducted 31 trade missions to Mexico for the City of Phoenix from 2014-2019 and represented Phoenix at 74 trade shows and conferences.
Ruben E. Alvarez, Managing Partner

Ruben Alvarez, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Ruben applies his extensive expertise in political and business strategy to assist a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit groups and government entities in pursuit of their business development goals.

Prior to forming Molera Alvarez, Ruben worked in Arizona’s Executive Branch for 12 years, last serving as Governor Jane Dee Hull’s Policy Advisor for Mexico and Hispanic Affairs. In this role, Ruben managed Arizona’s diplomatic relations, as well as a range of binational issues.

For information on Mexico trade services, contact Ruben Alvarez at, or 602-279-9925.

Strategic Partners

Molera Alvarez has strategic partners across the United States and Mexico.

International Business
International Business
International Business
International Business

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We are proud to partner with clients who lead, innovate, influence, and thrive.

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“The results leave little doubt that he was the right man for the job. Arizona owes a debt of gratitude to Jaime for stepping into the breach.”

Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Before Molera Alvarez, AZSTA was always reacting… After Molera Alvarez, we became proactive and are now seen as a needed piece of Arizona’s economic engine.”

Tom Sadler, Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority

“From our initial contact, I knew that Molera Alvarez was the right choice.”

Daniel Shannon, Commonwealth Electric

“Molera Alvarez was the lead driver in helping us secure a bio-medical campus when many thought it was impossible.”

Judy Bernas, University of Arizona
Carmen Ronan, Manager of Business Development & International Business Services, Our Team

Carmen Ronan

Manager of Business Development & International Business Services

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