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Business Development

Jaime A. Molera and Ruben Alvarez have earned the trust of Fortune 500 business leaders by helping their organizations eliminate policy barriers to fair competition, stand up against excessive regulation, and develop successful growth strategies to thrive in your market through business development services.

We can also help you craft and submit effective proposals, guiding you through the RFP process. Our guidance focuses on the truth, enabling you to make informed long-term decisions.

Boosting Clients’ Bottom Line with Empowerment.

With expertise serving at the highest levels of state government and running large government agencies, Molera Alvarez is well-versed in the nuanced skills essential for successful RFP (request for proposal) positioning, business development, and submission.

We offer:

  • An impressive record helping our clients win RFPs
  • Development of relationships with key decision-makers through meetings and client profile-raising
  • An understanding that you need the truth so you can make informed long-term decisions – we tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear

Strategic Partners

Molera Alvarez has strategic partners across the United States and Mexico.

International Business
International Business
International Business
International Business

Some Brands We Work With

We are proud to partner with clients who lead, innovate, influence, and thrive.

Let’s Make Things Happen

No matter your level of need, we’ll construct a strategy solution for you.

“From our initial contact, I knew that Molera Alvarez was the right choice.”

Daniel Shannon, Commonwealth Electric

“Molera Alvarez was the lead driver in helping us secure a bio-medical campus when many thought it was impossible.”

Judy Bernas, University of Arizona

“Before Molera Alvarez, AZSTA was always reacting… After Molera Alvarez, we became proactive and are now seen as a needed piece of Arizona’s economic engine.”

Tom Sadler, Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority

“The results leave little doubt that he was the right man for the job. Arizona owes a debt of gratitude to Jaime for stepping into the breach.”

Glenn Hamer, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Claude Mattox, Molera Alvarez

Claude Mattox

Vice President of Government & Community Relations

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