Business Development

RFP Procurement

With expertise serving at the highest levels of state government and running large government agencies, Molera Alvarez is well-versed in the nuanced skills essential for successful RFP (request for proposal) positioning, development and submission.

We offer:

  • An impressive record helping our clients win RFPs
  • Development of relationships with key decision makers through meetings and client profile-raising
  • An understanding that you need the truth so you can make informed long-term decisions – we tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear

Policy & Regulatory Changes

Did you know that policy, regulations and procedures can have a greater impact on the day to day running of your business than some state or federal laws? Regulatory issues have bearing on all businesses, from permit or license requirements to reporting obligations to zoning restrictions. Yet some regulations can have a negative impact on your organization’s ability to prosper. How much do you know about which policies and regulations affect you, and which are you inadvertently ignoring? Molera Alvarez can help with both in identifying regulations that apply to your specific industry and company, and in guiding you through policy and regulatory changes for the enhancement of your business.

Legislative Training

Legislation either happens with you or to you. Does your organization need to understand what proposed legislation will impact them, and how to maneuver through the complicated, and often frustrating, legislative process? Molera Alvarez offers individualized Legislative Training’s for organizations that don’t necessarily have the need or the funds for a full-time lobbyist, but still want to be aware of potential and final legislation. Training’s include a tutorial on the legislative process; teaching staff members how to research bills of interest; how to read the draft bill for content; how to communicate with legislators; and much more. Let the experts at Molera Alvarez help your organization learn to be part of the legislative process instead of simply impacted by the results.

news & press

Molera Alvarez is an active member of local, state, and Hispanic communities. Check back for frequent updates on our involvement.

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our Results

An excellent way to evaluate our results is by examining the wide range of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit groups and governmental clients who choose us to help them achieve their most important goals.

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