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Get Your Business in the Room Where it Happens with Molera Alvarez

Leveraging years of direct government relations, Molera Alvarez provides exclusive access to decision-makers at the local, state, and federal levels.

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Ruben Alvarez, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Molera Alvarez

Ruben E. Alvarez

Managing Partner
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Molera Alvarez is a consulting and business development firm that focuses on Government Relations, Public Affairs and International Business in Arizona. Get your business in the room where it happens.

Molera Alvarez

Thrive in Your Target Market

We help organizations eliminate barriers while developing successful growth strategies.

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Achieve Your Unique Goal

Molera Alvarez gives you the proper representation you need to move through the halls of government.

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Molera Alvarez
Molera Alvarez

Leverage Our Relationships

Molera Alvarez understands that you need the people who know the people. We’re the people who know the people.

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Open Doors to Decision Makers

The Molera Alvarez team has built a trusted reputation with business and government leaders in Mexico, Latin America, and Canada for more than two decades. Our team provides strategic insight on cross-border business and investment opportunities, and opens doors to decision makers.

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Molera Alvarez

Strategic Partners

Molera Alvarez has strategic partners across the United States and Mexico.

Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Ibarra Strategy Group

Some Brands We Work With

We are proud to partner with clients who lead, innovate, influence, and thrive.

Trusted by Leading Organizations

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Molera Alvarez Eliminates Barriers to Fair Competition

Leveraging years of direct government involvement, we provide you with direct access to decision-makers at the local, state and federal levels.

Why Work With Us
Molera Alvarez Eliminates Barriers

All About Relationships

We’ve cultivated an unparalleled network of government and industry influencers – ready to help us when we call.

Commitment to Success

We open the right doors to the right people at the right time.

“From our initial contact, I knew that Molera Alvarez was the right choice.”

Daniel Shannon, Commonwealth Electric

“Molera Alvarez has a solid reputation as one of the most influential and effective government relations firms in Arizona. Moreover, they do it with integrity and class.”

Jane Dee Hull, Former Arizona Governor
“The team of Molera Alvarez is well respected and trusted and they provide a great source of information on issues they represent.”
Michael Nowakowski, Phoenix Councilman
“Molera Alvarez is one of the State’s top lobbying firms.”
Arizona Business Journal
“The team at Molera Alvarez understands Arizona politics and how to succeed.”
Jon Kyl
“Molera Alvarez have been very instrumental in helping our firm navigate through the various layers of government that exist in order to better understand and identify business opportunities for our company.”
Jim Lauer, Austin Commercial

“At Coca-Cola we demand excellence: Molera Alvarez provides it.”

Rebecca Hecksel, Coca-Cola

Stay ‘in-the-know’ with trends, developments, and updates.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

No matter your level of need, we’ll construct a strategy solution for you.

“From our initial contact, I knew that Molera Alvarez was the right choice.”

Daniel Shannon

Commonwealth Electric

Claude Mattox, Molera Alvarez

Claude Mattox

Vice President of Government & Community Relations
(602) 279-9925

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