The Challenge

Coca Cola Companies (Desert Mountain Region of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado) came to Molera Alvarez with the goal of effectively engaging the Latino community on issues of health, education, economic development, and employee recruitment and retention. By better understanding these issues and building stronger relationships within the Latino community, Coca Cola can be a more effective corporate citizen, will be able to make more enlightened business decisions, and will strengthen its image and brand value.


Molera Alvarez helped Coca Cola conduct a series of outreach meetings in key markets with influential Latino business leaders and community advocacy groups. We worked with the Coca Cola staff to review and analyze their existing efforts and analyzed the information obtained in the meetings to formulate a long-term outreach and marketing plan.


  • Delivered a comprehensive, long-term business plan for Hispanic outreach
  • Helped build strategic alliances between Coca Cola regional executives and well established advocacy groups that has helped Coca Cola stay better informed and prepared in dealing with issues important to the Latino community
  • Helped create a Latino Business Council comprised of various business, community, and non-profit leaders who advise Coca Cola management on marketing strategies, philanthropic activities, and other community strategies