The Western Way Endorses Commissioner Andy Tobin’s Energy Plan

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce recently held their annual Environmental & Sustainability Summit in Prescott, Arizona. One of the key panels was a discussion about the future of Arizona’s energy policy. Amanda Reeve moderated a water and energy panel that included Commissioner Andy Tobin and Commissioner Justin Olson. Commissioner Tobin addressed his proposed Energy Modernization Plan, an alternative to the disastrous Clean Energy Initiative proposed by California billionaire Tom Steyer, which could be on the ballot in November. Tobin’s plan proposes to have an 80 percent Clean Energy portfolio by 2050, including nuclear, solar, wind, hydro and bio-mass. The plan, endorsed by Molera Alvarez client The Western Way, is currently going through the Corporation Commission rulemaking process.  During the panel, the Commissioner credited The Western Way for their help in this process, saying, “Thank you to The Western Way for your clear thoughts on how to bring forward meaningful energy policy.”

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