Molera Alvarez hosts dinner for Arizona Legislative Delegation in Mexico City

Ruben Alvarez and Jaime Molera hosted a delegation of Arizona Legislative and business leaders to discuss the need for stronger relationships and economic trade between the U.S. and Mexico. The dinner, held at the Gran Hotel overlooking the Mexican Presidential Palace, was a perfect setting for the importance of the individuals attending and subjects deliberated. MA Managing Partner Ruben Alvarez said, “We were thrilled to host this event because Molera Alvarez is committed to working on strengthening NAFTA and improving relations with Mexico.” High-level Mexican leaders, such as Agustin Barrios, spoke from their perspective as well. Alvarez also said, “We owe much to the delegation co-chairs Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon, and particularly to Rep. Tony Rivero who has made economic trade expansion a focal point at the Arizona Legislature.”

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