Molera Alvarez and the Rio Reimagined Project

Molera Alvarez Vice President Claude Mattox has been appointed to participate on an advisory council focused on the Rio Reimagined Project, with the Phoenix Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Arizona (AIA). In the 1960s, Arizona Congressman Ed Pastor and his ASU classmates envisioned a plan to revitalize the barren Rio Salado riverbed. This led to the creation, decades later, of the Phoenix Rio Salado Project and Tempe Town Lake. The project got a restart when Arizona Senator John McCain and ASU President Michael Crow met before the senator’s passing, to discuss a new path forward. The Rio Reimagined Project expands to include all eight river communities and the 55+ miles from Granite Reef Dam to SR85. In addition to AIA members, the council includes representatives from the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Local First Arizona, Downtown Phoenix Inc., Valley Forward, and the ASU University City Exchange office. For more information check out (Photo: Lance Ross, ULI; Rod Gaspard, AIA; Claude Mattox, Molera Alvarez)

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