Inca Kola USA’s Salute to Hispanics in Sports and Entertainment

On January 28, 2020, Coca-Cola sponsored the Salute to Hispanics in Sports and Entertainment Reception, hosted by Inca Kola USA. The event took place in Miami during Super Bowl week and raised funds to support Inca Kola’s annual Humanitarian Aid mission to the Dominican Republic. A portion of the proceeds also went to the National Supermarket Association’s Scholarship Fund. At the reception, Peter Villegas, Coca-Cola’s Vice President of Latin Affairs, presented Emilio Estefan with the “Most Influential Hispanic of the Decade” award. Mr. Estefan is a Cuban-American musician and producer who has won 19 Grammy awards. Other individuals honored that evening were producer and author Nely Galan who received the Hispanic Leadership award, Florida businessman Gus Machado who received the Living Legend award, Major League baseball player Aroldis Chapman who received the Hispanic Athlete of the Year award, and former NFL Coach Tom Flores who received the Lifetime Achievement award. Pictured from left to right: Gus Machado, Gus Machado Ford; Nely Galan, Founder, Adelante Movement; Emilio Estefan, Estefan Enterprises; and Coach Tom Flores, Super Bowl-winning coach for the Oakland Raiders.

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