Governor Ducey Acknowledges Jaime Molera’s Endorsement in Debate

During Monday’s gubernatorial debate on Arizona PBS, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey acknowledged his recent endorsement by former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and Molera Alvarez/CoNecs N.A. Partner, Jaime Molera. In a press release from the Governor thanking Molera and fellow former superintendent Lisa Graham Keegan for their endorsements, Molera said, “Four years ago, I endorsed David Garcia in his race for superintendent, but in this race, we have a better choice. Doug Ducey has led by bringing people together, resulting in generational bipartisan successes like passing Prop 123, extending Prop 301, and creating Arizona’s Teacher’s Academy. His willingness to work together follows the example set by Arizona leaders before him and his leadership is helping ensure that every child receives the foundation of a quality education. I am proud to endorse him for governor.” Watch the clip here.

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