City of Phoenix Conducts Successful Trade Mission to Mexico City

Molera Alvarez recently organized a Trade and Protocol Mission, conducted by the City of Phoenix to Mexico City. The mission took place May 22 to 24, and its focus was to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is transpiring during this critical time in the US-Mexico relationship, and how it could impact our economies. The intention was to send a strong message that Phoenix continues to value the bilateral partnership. Key meetings were held to advance the dialogue, gain knowledge and solidify partnerships with strategic leaders. Attendees included Undersecretary for North America Carlos Sada, Secretariat for Foreign Affairs; The Mexican Council on Foreign Affairs (COMEXI); Confederación de Cámaras Industriales (CONCAMIN) and the American Society; Mexico Bureau Chiefs at both Bloomberg and KJZZ; and Lexica Insight Solutions, a top-ranking consumer research and public opinion consulting firm. Phoenix Economic Development leaders attending the mission and represented in the above photo in order of appearance are: Jaime Molera, Partner, Molera Alvarez; Ruben Alvarez, Managing Partner, Molera Alvarez; Ruth Soberanes, Director Trade and Investment, Greater Phoenix Economic Council; Undersecretary for North America Carlos Sada; Glenn Hamer, President & CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry; David Adame, President & CEO Chicanos por la Causa; Chris Camacho, President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council; and Gonzalo de la Melena, President & CEO Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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