2019 State of the State Address

(Photo: C-SPAN)

January 14th marked the beginning of Arizona’s 54th Legislature, 1st Regular Session. Elected members of the State Senate and House of Representatives were sworn in during the Opening Ceremony. In addition, Governor Doug Ducey delivered the annual State of the State address. He opened with an emphasis on bipartisan cooperation, citing its importance in achieving his number one priority: ensuring Arizona’s water future. The Governor emphasized the need to work together to ratify the Drought Contingency Plan by January 31st. The common goal Governor Ducey highlighted was the need for government consolidation through reducing unnecessary laws and establishing sunset provisions. He further discussed his plan for the future of school safety, which includes increasing the number of campus police and school counselors, implementing STOP orders, and furthering background check requirements. Governor Ducey touched on his education priorities of maintaining Arizona’s school choice options, reducing the teacher shortage, and advancing career and technical education opportunities. Finally, he highlighted the importance of securing Arizona’s future by raising the rainy-day fund to $1 billion from its current approximate $460 million. The Governor released his executive budget later that same week, which can be found here.

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