2019 Legislative Session Recap

The 54th Legislature, Second Regular Session, lasted 135 days before adjourning sine die on May 28, at 12:58 a.m. Of the 1,318 bills introduced this Session, 320 bills were signed by the governor and 11 were vetoed. There were several topics that consumed this legislative session. The main issue that arose early was the Drought Contingency Plan. In Governor Ducey’s State of the State Address, he recognized the need to ratify the Drought Contingency Plan and the short time frame to do so; it had to be ratified by January 31, 2019. Through SJR1001 and SB1227, the Drought Contingency Plan passed out of the House and Senate with overwhelming support. Another issue that lasted throughout the Session was tax conformity. Full conformity to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would generate additional revenue for Arizona. Because of that, there was debate on whether to offset that additional revenue with a lower state income tax rate. There were ultimately two bills introduced to address the issue, which Governor Ducey vetoed. Conformity was ultimately addressed in the budget with a plan that lowers the tax rate and makes changes to the child tax credit, standard deduction and charitable contribution deduction.

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