2017 Arizona Legislative Session Adjourns Sine Die

The Arizona Legislature wrapped up the 2017 Legislative Session on May 10th, bringing the session duration to 122 days. Of the 1,079 bills originally posted, 353 were passed. The Governor signed 342 into law and vetoed 11. The FY18 budget passed by the Legislature estimates state spending at about $9.8 billion, and includes (among other things) funding for the Highway User Revenue Fund, university infrastructure financing for R&D; and results-based funding for K-12 schools. Additionally, Molera Alvarez was involved in many of the major policy issues the Legislature considered, including GPLET reform, K-12 education, ADA reform, worker’s compensation, and university infrastructure financing. Molera Alvarez enjoyed another successful session on the front lines at the Capitol, protecting and promoting our clients.

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