Launch of CoNecs North America, LLC

CoNecs_LogoOn October 14, 2015 Molera Alvarez and Urias Communications held a reception to announce an exciting new strategic partnership. The two firms combined forces to form CoNecs North America, a full service advertising, digital, public relations and government affairs agency – all in one impactful provider. IMG_1597Over 100 guests and clients attended the event to celebrate the establishment of the new company.

To read our article in the Phoenix Business Journal click here.

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Six Arizona Mayors Conduct Economic Development Mission to Mexico City

IMG_3527An unprecedented trade and protocol mission by six Arizona Mayors from October 4-7 culminated in the signing of a Proclamation by all the Mayors with Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu. Representing the two major Arizona metropolitan regions and the border region were Mayors John Doyle of Nogales, John Giles of Mesa, Greg Stanton of Phoenix, Sharon Wolcott of Surprise, Jonathan Rothschild of Tucson, and Douglas Nicholls of Yuma. The mission was organized by Molera Alvarez and Estrategia Global, as Mexico Trade Representatives of the City of Phoenix.

The Mayors brought a unified message of openness and mutual respect towards Arizona’s number one trade partner, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the opening of the Arizona Trade and Investment Office in Mexico City. Highlights of the mission included the signing of an economic development agreement between Phoenix and Mexico City, and a town hall discussion with students at the prestigious Universidad Iberoamericana. In addition, the Arizona Business Incubation Association, the Arizona Technology Council and Startup Mexico (Mexico’s premier startup incubator) signed an agreement to collaborate on mutual soft-landing programs in both markets.

Fotos Alcalde con CancillerIn the agreement with Foreign Minister Ruiz Massieu, the Mayors declared their commitment to strengthen the economic and cultural ties between Arizona and Mexico, and to respect cross-border family ties and the contributions of immigrants to the region.

The mission marked Mayor Stanton’s 13th to Mexico in four years.

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Addressing Arizona’s Teacher Workforce Panel moderated by Jaime A. Molera

Photo Credit: Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Photo Credit: Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

On October 14th, Jaime A. Molera moderated the Southern Arizona Leadership Council’s panel on teacher workforce. The panelists included Dean Ron Marx, University of Arizona College of Education, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director, Support Our Schools AZ, and Mr. Jon Kasle, VP of Communications, Raytheon. The discussion centered around the growing concern of trying to recruit and keep qualified teachers in Arizona’s classrooms.

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Molera Alvarez Sponsors State of the World Dinner

state of worldMolera Alvarez was honored to be a sponsor for the 2015 State of the World Dinner hosted by the United Peoria Foundation and the Honorable Tony Rivero Arizona State Representative. This year the discussion took a greater international flavor with the world renowned keynote speakers panel. In addition to former Mexico President Vicente Fox, the crowd of several hundred in attendance listened to questions and answers by former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and past Director of Israeli Mossad Shabtai Shavit. Each discussed their perspective on today’s international political circumstances. The United Peoria Foundation hosts an annual dinner to promote cross-cultural and international understanding. Pictured above from left to right: Shabtai Shavit, former head of Israel’s Mossad, MA V.P. Claude Mattox, Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico and Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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Ruben Alvarez Reappointed to Arizona Commission on the Arts

ACAlogoRuben Alvarez, along with two other current members, was reappointed as Commissioners for the Arizona Commission on the Arts by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. The Governor also appointed two new members to the Commission. ” Art is a vital component to the overall development and enhancement of our community and I am honored that Governor Ducey has reappointed me to the Commission on the Arts, so I can continue to help advance the mission and goals of this worthwhile organization,” says Ruben Alvarez. If you’d like to read the full press release, click here.

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Molera meets with Charlie Rose at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School Awards Luncheon

jaimeJaime Molera called it a distinct honor to get to meet with Charlie Rose at Arizona State University’s Cronkite Awards Luncheon. Mr. Rose, who was this year’s recipient of this prestigious award, “…was incredibly warm and very helpful in providing great tips on how to conduct meaningful interviews.” Molera is hosting his own interview show on the CW Network, “Politics in the Yard with Jaime Molera” starting in November.

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“Wine, Women and Politics” Toasts Arizona-Mexico Relations

On October 20, Margie Emmermann, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Molera Alvarez, joined Phoenix City Councilwoman Laura Pastor and City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Director Christine Mackay on a panel moderated by Carey Peña of Inspired Media 360 for a lively conversation about trade and economic development with our critical partners in Mexico.

An interactive discussion with the group “Wine, Women and Politics” brought out the importance of changing the conversation about Mexico and our image in Mexico. Specifically cited were efforts being undertaken by the state and cities to advance the Arizona-Mexico relationship, double exports to Mexico by 2020, and increase the state’s overall competitiveness and opportunities for job creation.

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CoNecs North America “CoNecs NA” Combines Two Respected Firms Into One Powerhouse Agency Reflecting the evolving demographics in U.S. Southwest

CoNecs_LogoAnnouncing an exciting new strategic partnership, two highly respected and experienced firms Molera Alvarez, a government affairs firm, and Urias Communications, a multicultural PR advertising agency, today established the formation of CoNecs North America, a full service advertising, digital, public relations and government affairs agency – all in one impactful provider.

Molera Alvarez was founded by two powerhouse members Jaime A. Molera, former Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Ruben Alvarez, who worked under Governors Fife Symington and Jane Dee Hull, and provides access to political, business and community leadership at all levels in the Southwest and have represented some of the top Fortune 100 companies over the last 13 years. Urias Communications, founded by Lisa Urias, provides innovative marketing strategies for clients interested in targeting the burgeoning multicultural markets in the Southwest, particularly Hispanics. CoNecs NA is a new limited liability company owned equally by Urias Communications and Molera Alvarez. The existing agencies will remain intact for the short term to ensure current client relations are uninterrupted, however, the intention is to complete a full merger soon.

The principals of CoNecs NA, as well as the numerous staff members comprising both founding firms of CoNecs, are multicultural and cross-cultural communications professionals raised in the digital world and reflect the changing demographics of America.

“This new ‘Company Next’ or ‘CoNecs’ agency connects clients to political, business and community leadership and the next generation of markets,” says Lisa Urias, managing partner. “We’ll leverage our powerful advertising, digital and PR campaigns together with our connections at every level of government, business and in the community to effectively and positively position our clients,” she says.

“Coming together to form CoNecs NA simply made sense for us to build on our respective strengths and provide real 21st century strategic solutions to our clients in a world of rapidly changing demographics,” says Ruben Alvarez, managing partner of CoNecs. “Both our respective existing and new clients now have an even greater opportunity to grow with this new alliance that CoNecs represents.”

“We’re confident we can provide companies with full service connection to their intended markets whether with government officials, business leaders or with social campaigns targeting traditional or cross-cultural markets,” says Jaime A. Molera, managing partner of CoNecs. “This team understands and reflects both markets and has established ties to business and government leadership.”

Molera Alvarez and Urias Communications are forming CoNecs NA to address several major synergies between the two existing firms, which will drive the new agency:

1. The Southwestern region is growing fast with cross-cultural and Hispanic markets profoundly affecting mainstream culture. Hispanics alone represent a $1 trillion spend in the U.S. and the millennial generation (18-34), which is projected to outsize the boomers as the largest living generation (US Census Bureau), heartily embraces the cross-cultural and uses primarily digital platforms. These trends will simply accelerate.

2. Fast-moving digital technology has revolutionized the marketing, government and media world, capturing the attention of everyone. Digital platforms, in addition to strategic placement of traditional advertising, will be key to marketing and government strategies. Since multicultural markets are predominately millennial, Urias Communications was an early adopter of digital technology and has garnered numerous local and national awards for its innovative and effective market entry and retention strategies.

3. This team provides clients with essential, strategic and trusted relationships from the highest levels of government in the U.S. Southwest and throughout North America, including Mexico.

“Most existing advertising agencies were built around targeting a monoculture world using traditional media formats,” says Ms. Urias. “Expecting YOY improved results when everyone is chasing the same audience will not work. Embracing cross-cultural markets with strategic messaging using digital and social media must be an essential strategic component for successful communication in today’s marketplace.”

CoNecs NA will leverage various platforms, including digital media, traditional advertising, earned media and government affairs to successfully position clients in the U.S. Southwest and in Mexico (North America). Both teams have been working with local, regional, national and Mexican clients for the past 10 years. Molera Alvarez recently led a delegation of six Arizona mayors to Mexico City to help governments and North American corporations find new potential business opportunities.

As with many dynamic, innovative agencies, Urias Communications and Molera Alvarez have been working together for years on various government affairs and marketing campaigns. CoNecs NA primary clients will include Fortune 100 clients in Arizona, the U.S. Southwest and in Mexico. The CoNecs team will also provide analytical research insights to ensure clients always receive an ROI, not just GRPs.

In addition to the two founding members, the Molera Alvarez team includes former Phoenix City Councilmember Claude Mattox and former policy advisor Margie Emmermann, who worked for an unprecedented four Arizona governors.

Under the leadership of Ms. Urias and partner Jennifer Sanchez, Urias Communications provides innovative new marketing strategies for clients interested in targeting the burgeoning multicultural markets of the U.S. Southwest, particularly Hispanics, with clients such as Dignity Health, Barrow Neurological Institute, the Phoenix Zoo, Arizona Department of Health Services, SunChase Holdings, the SuperBowl Host Committee (2015), the NFL and many others.

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Molera Alvarez Partner to Host Sunday Evening Political Show for CW Network

Jaime A. Molera is the host of a new political show on the CW Network starting this Fall. “I am very honored to have this opportunity to interact with policy, business and political leaders throughout Arizona,” Molera said. “The CW Network is developing a number of exciting programs and I am thrilled to be a part of their growth.” See story in Arizona Republic:

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Molera Alvarez Featured in Hispanic Executive Magazine


Molera Alvarez was profiled in the September/October issue of the Hispanic Executive Magazine.

Following is the link to the article:

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