3 Reasons Every Organization, Regardless of Size, Must Engage in Policy-Making

“Information is power”. “What you don’t know can hurt you”. These two old adages hold true for the intersection of businesses and government policy. Government regulations are a substantial component of how, where, and whether you do business. So, what if you could help direct the outcome of those policies instead of simply being subjected to them? In others words, make the policies happen for you instead of to you. Below are three reasons your organization must engage in policy making, to increase your profits, your profile and your influence.

1. Knowledge and Information

New forms of regulatory scrutiny appear every day at the local and state level. Prior knowledge of proposed regulation that affects your organization can help prevent significant consequences to your bottom line. Your ability to engage in the discussion will allow your organization to bring a voice to policies that only you can impart. If your organization isn’t aware of or engaged in, crafting the proposed rules, regulations and laws affecting your business, you are at the mercy of those who are engaging in the process. They will write the rules. You will just follow them.

2. Influence and Exposure

It is not only big business that can have an influence on government officials and policies. Engaging in the policy-making process allows you to not only influence those regulations that will affect your business, but will also increase your exposure with decision-makers and other policy influencers. Positioning your organization with political, business and community leaders will raise the profile of your organization through your engagement as an industry insider and expert.

3. Sustainability and Growth

Legislative policy, in particular state and local, can significantly impact your sustainability and ability to grow. Zoning restrictions, employment and labor rules, safety and health regulations, and business classification can all affect your profitability and whether you are able to grow your business. Unintended consequences of business regulations can have a disproportionate effect on smaller organizations, and without input from those most affected, policy-makers cannot fully grasp the significance.

For more information about how your organization can increase your profits, your profile and your influence, please contact Kristin Greene at

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We are hiring!

We are in search of a receptionist to join our team! If you or anyone you know is interested, click here for the full job description and instructions on applying!

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Molera Attends Greater Phoenix Chamber Delegation to DC

Jaime A. Molera took part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s (GPCC) Washington, DC delegation. The purpose was to meet with our congressional delegation, key leaders of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a top representative of President-Elect Trump’s transition team. According to Jaime Molera, “this was an outstanding group and we had very timely discussion about issues which will affect Arizona. GPCC CEO/President Todd Sanders, did an excellent job of framing the positions of our delegation, particularly as it related to protecting and improving our economy – a great example of this is the need for NAFTA and trade with Mexico.” Pictured above is Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema with the GPCC delegation, and on the left a picture of U.S. Senator Jeff Flake meeting with our group.

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Ruben Alvarez Appointed to Phoenix Community Alliance Board

Ruben Alvarez was recently appointed to the Phoenix Community Alliance’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) is the premier business leadership organization that has been at the forefront of development in Downtown Phoenix for over 30 years. The organization articulates the vision of Greater Downtown Phoenix by formulating public policy and shaping key messages for the benefit of the city, state, and the entire region. As the advocacy affiliate of Downtown Phoenix Inc., the PCA provides engagement opportunities that link key stakeholders, identify synergies across sectors, foster collaboration, and connect key decision makers to resources and potential partners. Its membership consists of companies of all sizes, retail establishments, private professionals, and other community-based organizations helping to shape the future of Phoenix. For more information about PCA, please visit

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AMC Plenary Focuses on Arizona-Sonora Megaregion

U.S. Consul General in Hermosillo Karen Ogle & MA VP James Ahlers

Molera Alvarez participated in the plenary session of the Comision Sonora-Arizona/Arizona-Mexico Commission in Hermosillo, Sonora on December 1-2, 2016, representing the City of Phoenix in the cross-border meeting of Governors Doug Ducey and Claudia Pavlovich. VP of Global Affairs and General Counsel James Ahlers attended along with the City of Phoenix Hermosillo representative, Antonio Proto, and Hank Marshall, Executive Officer in the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Division. In addition to the two Governors and hundreds of public and private sector leaders from Arizona and Sonora, the meeting featured the participation of Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretary, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, and Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villareal. The event focused on bilateral efforts to leverage the assets of the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.

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Molera Alvarez Partner Introduces U.S. Senator Flake at Chamber Board Retreat

Jaime A. Molera was given the great honor of introducing U.S. Senator Jeff Flake at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Board of Director’s retreat.  Molera said, “Senator Flake is a long-time friend and I think the world of both him and his lovely wife Cheryl.  But more importantly, our business community needs to better understand the tremendous job he does for us as our Senator. Between him and John McCain, I believe Arizona has the best Senate team in the country.”   

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City of Phoenix Mexico Team Featured in Correo Magazine

Hank Marshall of City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Division was featured in Sonora, Mexico-based Correo Magazine discussing the potential of the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion, particularly following the announcement of the Lucid Motors plant to be located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Also featured was Molera Alvarez VP of Global Affairs and General Counsel James Ahlers, as Mexico Trade Representative for the City of Phoenix, discussing the competitive advantages Arizona possesses due to its proximity to Mexico.

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Phoenix Entrepreneurship Panel Moderated by James Ahlers

Molera Alvarez VP of Global Affairs and General Counsel James Ahlers moderated a panel of experts on entrepreneurship at the VerdeXchange Conference in Tempe, Arizona, on December 8. The round table on “Phoenix as a Regional Tech Hub” featured Mayor Greg Stanton in a discussion of how Phoenix can define itself as a draw for entrepreneurs from around the globe. The other panelists were: Alicia Marseille, Program Manager, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment Inc., and Founder, WEGROW Phoenix; Tim Kelley, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economics, Grand Canyon University; and Ana Greif, President, Varela Consulting LLC.

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We have BIG news!

PrintWe are very excited to announce we will be relocating to a brand-new office space effective November 21, 2016! We will soon be located at 5343 N. 16th St. Suite 240 Phoenix, AZ 85016, which is on 16th St. and Missouri Ave. Our new office will be shared with the team at Urias Communications to better collaborate on CoNecs North America projects!

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City of Phoenix & Greater Phoenix Leadership head Delegation to Mexico City

Photo Credit: Sandra Perdomo

The City of Phoenix and Greater Phoenix Leadership led a successful trade mission to Mexico City from October 26-29, 2016, bringing together an impressive delegation of business and community leaders. The mission focused on five core goals centered on strengthening the global competitiveness of our shared region, including by elevating opportunities in education through cross-border exchanges.

Among the highlights: delegates met with U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson (pictured in first photo), and Senator Gabriela Cuevas, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (pictured in second photo); the group toured Google de Mexico; and Mayor Greg Stanton officially inaugurated the new City of Phoenix office in the south part of Mexico City. Delegates returned with a deeper appreciation for the value of the bilateral relationship, and several potential business opportunities.

Photo Credit: Sandra Perdomo

Photo Credit: Sandra Perdomo

The meeting with Senator Cuevas yielded a positive and spirited discussion on the Arizona-Mexico relationship, and the delegation was introduced in the Senate chambers. Ambassador Jacobson hosted a reception at the official residence and delegates had the opportunity to interact with over 100 Mexican business and government leaders. At the opening of the City of Phoenix office, Mayor Stanton emphasized that “the people’s office” in Mexico City is open to Arizona companies to provide market research and support, meeting space, and remote office functions. In addition, Mexico’s Secretariat of Foreign Relations convened an array of subject matter experts to enlighten delegates on some of the key areas of bilateral cooperation and opportunities taking place between our two nations. The tour of Google de Mexico demonstrated for delegates how a U.S. company is successfully growing in the Mexican market, and where future growth opportunities lie.

Other important activities included: a visit to the Mexican stock exchange; presentations from Mexico’s leading industry associations, the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and the Council for Foreign Trade; a political briefing by former Mexican congressman Agustin Barrios; and a presentation on educational exchanges by Hazel Blackmore, Executive Director of the U.S.-Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (COMEXUS).

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