Trusted Services, Focused Results

Service at Molera Alvarez is founded on the principles of honesty, personal service, commitment to success and exceedingly high competence. We have earned a reputation as a trusted partner who will deliver straightforward, objective guidance focused on achieving your desired results.

  • Government

    At the federal, state and local levels, our team has the experience, skills and influence to help you achieve your unique goals. And the track record to prove it.

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  • Business

    Jaime A. Molera and Ruben Alvarez have earned the trust of Fortune 500 business leaders by helping their organizations eliminate barriers to fair competition, stand up against excessive regulation and develop successful growth strategies to thrive in any market.

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  • Public & Community Affairs

    There is no magic solution to change the thoughts or actions of others so they advance your objectives. In many cases, a multi-level approach is needed that includes public relations, community affairs and event planning. Molera Alvarez has the experience and expertise to help you leverage these important tools.

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