V.P. Claude Mattox Appointed To Arizona Town Hall Board

ATH hall logo cmyk smallMolera Alvarez V.P. of Community and Government Affairs Claude Mattox was appointed to the 2016-17 Arizona Town Hall Board of Directors. Claude has had the opportunity to participate in past Town Hall’s as a panel participant at the 2004, 85th Arizona Town Hall; Arizona’s Water Future: Challenges and Opportunities, and as a panel chair at the 2015, 106th Arizona Town Hall. According to Claude, “Arizona Town Hall gives folks with very diverse opinions and ideas to respectfully work through the complicated issues affecting our state, then developing a consensus report of recommendations to share with state and local leadership to improve our future. Regardless of how much I think I understand an issue, each Town Hall has been a learning experience.”

Arizona Town Hall has facilitated statewide forums for over 50 years. Acting as a neutral facilitator, Arizona Town Hall brings together diverse Arizonans for in depth discussions on important issues affecting Arizona today and in the future. The results culminate in a report of recommendations that is utilized by leaders and educators throughout the state. Topics of each Town Hall is equally diverse including; transportation, water, education, health care, government finances, Arizona – Mexico relations to name a few. Future topics include: TH#108 follow up Arizona & Mexico (October 2016 in Hermosillo, MX); TH #109, Financing Arizona’s Future (November 2016); TH #110 Education (Fall 2017). You can find more information at

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