The Western Way Paves the Way for the Clean Energy Sector in Arizona

The Western Way and Arizona Technology Council recently convened a roundtable discussion of Arizona business leaders to generate ideas and recommendations for how to best incorporate the clean energy sector into Arizona’s economic recovery plan. The clean energy sector has the potential to play a significant role in Arizona’s post-COVID economic recovery. Arizona is emerging as a national leader in technology and innovation, including developing and adopting clean and renewable energy solutions for its advanced economy. And these breakthrough technologies continue to improve because of Arizona’s innovative, entrepreneurial and business-friendly climate. This furthers goals on both sides of the aisle, including conservative principles of free enterprise, supporting manufacturing, and strengthening the U.S.’s geopolitical power.

Read our blog to find out how Molera Alvarez is working to speed up progress toward creating more clean energy projects in Arizona to create a virtuous circle of shared prosperity for rural and urban Arizonans.

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