Queretaro Aerospace Show Yields Trade Opportunities


From L to R: Jorge Rodriguez y Rodriguez (Grupo ACL), James Ahlers (MA), Javier Cravioto (Estrategia Global), Alberto Meade Garcia (BA International), Jose Andres Garcia (Estrategia Global)

Molera Alvarez and strategic partner Estrategia Global promoted Phoenix businesses at Mexico’s Aerospace Summit in Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, September 29-30. Mexico’s Aerospace Summit is the leading trade show in Mexico for gaining information and opportunities directly from industry leaders in Mexico’s booming automotive,

Jose Andres Garcia (Estrategia Global) with Bill Jordan (Allied Tool & Die)
aerospace and electronics sectors. Mexico’s Aeronautical Industry has grown from 100 U.S. and European manufacturers in 2004, to more than 300 in 2016. The City of Phoenix Mexico trade team – led by

Jose Andres Garcia (Estrategia Global) with Bill Jordan (Allied Tool & Die)

Jose Andres Garcia (Estrategia Global) with Bill Jordan (Allied Tool & Die)

Molera Alvarez VP of Global Initiatives and General Counsel James Ahlers, and Estrategia Global CEO Jose Andres Garcia – met with cluster organizations for Mexico’s leading states in manufacturing, as well as top executives of major aerospace manufacturers, about accessing supply chain opportunities for Arizona companies.

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