November 2020 Election Updates

The 2020 General Election took place on November 3rd and Arizona has been in the spotlight of national attention as one of the key swing states for the presidential and senate race. Arizona saw record voter turnout with 79% turnout and about 20,000 outstanding ballots. Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by less than 1-point in Arizona which was a crucial state that President Trump needed to win in order to win his re-election. In the Senate race, Mark Kelly saw initial wide leads over incumbent Martha McSally which have narrowed as ballots have been counted but Mark Kelly is still forecasted to win. The Republicans kept the majority in both the State House and Senate. In LD28 in the Senate, incumbent Kate Brophy McGee is losing to Democrat opponent Christine Marsh which will leave the Senate with a 16-14 split. In the House, Republicans lost a seat in LD20 to Democrat Judy Schwiebert and gained a seat in LD4 with Joel John therefore keeping the 31-29 split.

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