Arizona Legislature Adjourns, Special Session Anticipated

The Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives have both adjourned sine die. After holding committees, caucus and floor action, the House made and passed the motion to adjourn the 54th Legislature, Second Regular Session on Thursday, May 21. After previously adjourning on May 8, the Senate returned on May 26 and reaffirmed the vote to adjourn. This killed two late introduction bills that the House discussed and voted on before adjourning its session: HB2912 COVID-19; civil liability; evidence; penalties and HB2913 supplemental appropriations; child care facilities. HB2912 would have limited enforcement actions and civil liability during the state of emergency declared by the Governor relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. HB2913 would have appropriated federal Child Care Development Fund monies to the Arizona Department of Economic Security for child care facilities and Arizona enrichment centers. We anticipate that there will likely be at least one special session in the coming months to address the budget and COVID-19 relief.

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