Jaime A. Molera Interviews Chairwoman Marquez-Peterson


Molera Alvarez Partner, Jaime A. Molera, had the opportunity to speak with the Arizona Corporation Commission Chairwoman Lea Marquez-Peterson about the future of clean energy in Arizona. Chairwoman Marquez-Peterson has taken a firm stance in advocating for emissions-based standards, as opposed to technology-based standards. The corporation’s initiative that she proposed will allow for Arizona to achieve 100% clean energy and 0% carbon emissions by 2050. In the past, initiatives have been centered around technology (renewable, solar, etc). However, it was important to the Chairwoman to “not pick the winners or losers in technology”, allowing businesses to utilize many different energy options available in Arizona. Companies across the nation are looking for states that have embraced clean energy, so this initiative is also an important economic development tool in Arizona. As a chairwoman who lives outside of Maricopa County, she has made it a priority to include input from not only stakeholders but also from small businesses and tribal communities. Chairwoman Marquez-Peterson would like to see state leadership support an emission-based standard as a commitment to economic development and affordability for Arizonans.

Published On: February 24th, 2021Categories: Client News



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