International Business Relations to Remain Strong in Sonoran Capital Hermosillo

Mayor-elect of Hermosillo meets with the City’s top business chambers the day of his election win.

Guest Feature for Molera Alvarez by Ana María Araque Castellanos, Hermosillo City Councilmember-elect.

Mexico’s national elections have been in the headlines recently, but Arizona and New Mexico’s neighbor to the South, the state of Sonora, has also had some major political changes to report. For those unfamiliar with Sonora, it has a population of about 2.8 million people and is northwestern Mexico’s second-largest state. It has a strong manufacturing history is rooted in the automotive industry, is ranked the #6 state in Mexico for economic competitiveness, and has long-standing trade and diplomatic ties with Arizona.

In the State of Sonora, the overall winner during this month’s elections was the Morena party.  Alfonso Durazo for Morena won the governorship, along with most major cities.

The exception was the capital city of Hermosillo, where Antonio Astiazarán won for the coalition of conservative PAN (National Action Party), historically dominant PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), and left-wing   (Democratic Revolutionary Party) parties. A native of Hermosillo and highly-educated lawyer, Mayor-elect Astiazarán was a former Mayor of Guaymas, Sonora, a federal legislator for the state, and has held various executive positions for the State of Sonora. He ran a positive and inclusive campaign focused on bringing technology and innovation to the city of Hermosillo. He wants to transform Hermosillo into a Solar City, implementing solar panels in government departments and solar panel programs for citizens, along with increasing other clean and renewable energy sources. He also plans to streamline government procedures through regulatory reform, invest in the city’s infrastructure, and improve parks and public facilities. He is already working with a diverse coalition of business chambers and organizations and is scheduled to have meetings with various nonprofits to work together with them on day one to transform Hermosillo.

The newly-elected City Council that ran on the slate with Astiazarán has already begun to organize and prepare for taking office on September 15. As a newly elected member of the City Council, I have already begun to work with the various business community organizations to promote economic development and tourism along with international relations and look forward to growing these sectors in participation with our great friends from Phoenix, Arizona, and the United States. The whole team led by Mayor-elect Astiazarán looks forward to hearing from you when we take office. Please contact me directly anytime to expand Hermosillo’s international relationships.

Thank you and ¡Saludos!

Ana María Araque Castellanos

Hermosillo City Councilmember-elect 2021-2024



Published On: June 30th, 2021Categories: International News



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