CoolSeal: A Less Expensive Alternative to Addressing Urban Heat Islands

The dangerous impacts of urban heat islands are becoming more prevalent and cities are working tirelessly to reverse the effects. Various cities are increasing the number of trees planted in order to create more shade to help protect residents from the heat. While planting trees is a great way to fight heat islands, it can take up to ten years for the effects to be felt and can cost upwards of $30,000 to plant street trees on a residential block. A less expensive alternative is to apply CoolSeal to the streets, the cost is five times less. In conjunction with tree planting, the use of CoolSeal by GuardTop is able to immediately reduce surface and ambient temperatures while the trees grow. According to a study conducted by NASA, this technology can reduce the temperature up to 2 degrees immediately. CoolSeal is a cost-effective and quick way to reduce the impact of heat islands and when used in conjunction with street trees the cooling effects are more impactful. CoolSeal also offers traditional pavement preservation and is a longer lasting alternative to traditional sealcoat, it can be used for public streets and commercial parking lots.

Published On: April 26th, 2021Categories: Client News



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