Client Highlight: Cengage

As Arizona’s economic recovery efforts continue to drive forward post-pandemic, Arizona’s policy minds seek solutions to get Arizona’s workforce back and booming. Unfortunately, there are “barriers to entry” when filling the open positions as college graduates feel underqualified to apply for entry-level jobs. Arizona’s recovery and continued economic vitality rely on an educated workforce filling job demands.


Cengage Unlimited

In order to build an educated workforce, Cengage, an education technology company, seeks to disrupt the old model of classroom materials by providing a subscription-based service, which provides an unlimited number of digital materials and up to four hard-copy books a year. Cengage’s approach to educational material delivery is a solution to building Arizona’s workforce, and assists in preventing delayed graduations and decreasing dropout rates.

Other states have embraced the offerings of Cengage, and Arizona’s educational institutions can do the same.

Affordability and attainment go hand-in-hand. We also know “that low-income and people of color have been hit the hardest by COVID-19 and have the highest unemployment rate.” Cengage Unlimited is a tool that allows students to stay resilient during an economic downtown and ensures access to those who generally could not afford it with one low-cost flat rate. Equity in education is another piece of the economic development puzzle, and affordability is a big factor in that equation. Without affordability, there is no attainment.

Cengage’s model of ensuring access to all is timely as educational institutions seek to find more affordable options for students. To learn more about Cengage and its offering of Cengage Unlimited, click here.

Published On: August 2nd, 2021Categories: Client News



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