Arizona Legislative Session Update

Arizona’s Legislative Session is more than three-fourths of the way through this year’s session. As the 100th day of Session continues to get closer, March 26th is the last day to hear Senate Bills in the House Chamber and House Bills in the Senate Chamber. There will likely be a drop-off of bills after this week. Discussion on the State Budget is still minimal, however, a large part of the budget discussion will be centered on Governor Ducey’s proposed $200 million income tax cut for individual earners and small businesses.  Additionally, Senate Bill 1297, a strike-everything amendment that passed the House Ways and Means committee, conforms Arizona’s tax filing date with the Federal Government’s by delaying the filing date to May 17, 2021. Additionally, the bill will allow charitable contributions and school tax credits to be donated until May 17, 2021. The measure still needs to pass the House Floor and be returned to the Senate for consideration. Another bill aimed at protecting businesses from frivolous lawsuits (SB 1377 – civil liability; public health pandemic) and one that ensures equitable treatment between peer-to-peer platforms and car rental companies (SB 1720 – peer-to-peer car sharing) have both passed the Senate and are making their way through the House. Molera Alvarez is advocating on behalf of the business community to ensure the passage of these bills.


Published On: March 25th, 2021Categories: Legislative News



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