Molera Featured in No on Prop 127 Campaign

Jaime A. Molera was recently featured in a commercial for the opposition of Proposition 127. This constitutional mandate would require non-governmental utilities to increase the portion of their retail energy sales generated from certain types of renewable energy resources to 50 percent by 2030. The definition of “renewable energy resource” excludes the use of nuclear power. Because the initiative does not consider nuclear power a “clean” energy source, experts say Palo Verde would be forced to close by 2025 should the proposition pass. Helping with the No on Prop 127 commercial was a huge honor.

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Legislative Internship Opportunity!

Molera Alvarez is seeking a part-time (about 15 hours per week) intern to assist with the upcoming legislative session during the Spring 2019 semester. The intern will be heavily involved in the state legislative process as well as public policy matters to assist the firm in advocating on behalf of our clients. This position may include direct working contact with Molera Alvarez clients, political officials, leading industry lobbyists and policy experts. Read more about this unique internship opportunity by clicking here! Applications must be received by November 15, 2018. 

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Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Hosts Annual Culinary Event

The Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association will hold its annual Tapaz event in coordination with the Valley Hotel and Resort Association this coming month. The event will showcase the best of Arizona’s award-winning food and drink from hotels and resorts around the state. Association members, business leaders, policymakers, media influencers and other strategic partners will be able to enjoy live music and a silent-auction along with some of the best cuisine Arizona has to offer. Registration and sponsorship opportunities can be found here.

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Molera Participates in J.P.Morgan Chase Arizona Political Update Event

Jaime A. Molera recently participated in a panel discussion at the J.P.Morgan Chase Arizona Political Update event, alongside Alyssa Marois from the J.P.Morgan Chase Federal Government Relations team. The panel provided an update on both the federal and state political races that will play a pivotal role in the November election. This informational event allowed J.P.Morgan Chase employees to engage and learn about the role that their federal and state government relations team play in an intricate process. Heather Kay, who moderated the panel, asked questions that addressed the appointment of Senator Jon Kyl, the importance of local elections, and this unique election cycle. 

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Governor Ducey Acknowledges Jaime Molera’s Endorsement in Debate

During Monday’s gubernatorial debate on Arizona PBS, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey acknowledged his recent endorsement by former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and Molera Alvarez/CoNecs N.A. Partner, Jaime Molera. In a press release from the Governor thanking Molera and fellow former superintendent Lisa Graham Keegan for their endorsements, Molera said, “Four years ago, I endorsed David Garcia in his race for superintendent, but in this race, we have a better choice. Doug Ducey has led by bringing people together, resulting in generational bipartisan successes like passing Prop 123, extending Prop 301, and creating Arizona’s Teacher’s Academy. His willingness to work together follows the example set by Arizona leaders before him and his leadership is helping ensure that every child receives the foundation of a quality education. I am proud to endorse him for governor.” Watch the clip here.

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USHCC Announces Ramiro Cavazos as President and CEO

On September 16-19, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held its annual conference in Philadelphia, where Ramiro Cavazos was announced as the new President and CEO of the organization. He previously served for 10 years as the President and CEO of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Molera Alvarez congratulates and welcomes him to his new position. Pictured left to right are Ruben Alvarez, Managing Partner, Molera Alvarez; Ramiro Cavazos; and Tony Gladney, Vice President of National Diversity Relations, Corporate Diversity and Community Engagement for MGM Resorts International.

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Molera Alvarez Partner Addresses Arizona CEO Summit

At the Arizona CEO Summit on September 7, Jaime Molera presented to business leaders from across Arizona who gathered to discuss significant economic, education, and environmental issues facing our state. Molera gave an overview of the initiatives and referenda that will appear on the ballot this November. The attendees were members comprised of Greater Phoenix Leadership, Southern Arizona Leadership Council, and Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance. “I appreciated the opportunity to talk about the significance of these issues, and in particular the importance of their leadership in helping to defeat Proposition 127 – the so-called ‘Clean Energy Initiative’ – which will have a negative impact on our economy, environment and overall quality of life for Arizona,” Molera said.

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Mexico Trade Team Presents 2018 Election Report

The City of Phoenix Mexico trade team, managed by Molera Alvarez, presented its first Mexico Transition Outlook Report last week, analyzing the results of the historic July 1 elections. The sweeping victory of presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his Morena or “National Regeneration” party means significant changes to the political and commercial environment of Arizona’s number one trading partner. Mexico trade representatives for Central Mexico, José Andrés García, and Northern Mexico, Antonio Proto and Ana María Araque de Proto, presented the report to members of the business and economic development community during a visit to Phoenix this week. To view the report, click here.  

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Molera Presents at Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Conference

Jaime A. Molera presented to over 350 members of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association (AZLTA) about the negative consequences to our economy if Proposition 207 were to pass. Prop. 207 is the income tax hike initiative that would increase Arizona’s income taxes to the fifth highest in the country. Molera stated at the conference, “According to economic analysis, our small business community, including our tourism industry, would be the hardest hit.” He went on to say, “We should commit to supporting our K-12 system, however this is simply the wrong plan – it hits small businesses disproportionately, it contains zero accountability, and it will kill investment in our great state.”

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MA and CoNecs N.A. General Counsel Gives Insight on U.S.-Mexico Relations

Molera Alvarez and CoNecs N.A. General Counsel and expert on U.S.-Mexico relations, James Ahlers, recently provided insight to Telemundo on our country’s current trade relationship with Mexico under President Trump and with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations that are currently taking place. To hear the full clip, click here

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