Coca-Cola Hosts Reception for Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs

(L-R : Boston Councilman-Hon. Michael Flaherty, Chairman of the MA House Ways & Means Committee-Hon. Jeffery Sanchez, Latin Affairs VP-Peter Villegas, Boston Mayor-Hon. Marty Walsh, PAC Group Director Gary McElyea, PAC Director Jennifer Cruickshank, PAC Director Nick Martin)

During the National Conference of State Legislatures Annual Legislative Summit in Boston held August 6-9, 2017, the Coca-Cola Office of Latin Affairs attended the Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs two-day board retreat and hosted a VIP reception, which was held at a Coca-Cola customer in South Boston called The Coppersmith.

During the two-day meeting attended by 43 Hispanic state representatives from across the country who serve as either the chair of their state Latino caucus and/or chair key committees within their state legislatures, Coca-Cola educated members on their “Coca-Cola Our Way Forward” story and legislative issues that impact their business.

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