Sheila D. Harris, Ph.D.

Housing Development Consultant
Sheila D. Harris Consulting
Sheila’s employment career includes serving two Arizona Governor’s as the State Department of Housing and Arizona Housing Finance Authority Directors. During her nearly six year tenure in those positions she oversaw the financing of more than $1.5B in housing and community economic development. Areas of expertise include acquisition, rehabilitation and development of multi-family and single family developments including housing affordability and economic development financing strategies for the private sector, local, county, state and federal governments and tribal entities. Sheila can provide consulting services for clients needing assistance with community and economic development, housing and human services.

Yvonne Jimenez

Business Development Consultant
Yvonne Jimenez, based in Los Angeles, California, assists Molera Alvarez with planning and executing special events in the Southern California market. With over 10 years of experience, she has managed community & media outreach events for clients including the Coca-Cola Company, the Nielsen Company and Anheuser-Busch. She has 15 years of experience managing internal business operations with companies such as Wayans Brothers Productions and Captive Audience Productions in Los Angeles. From managing high profile events to grassroots causes, Yvonne brings the expertise and experience needed to benefit any company or organization interested in event planning or community outreach.

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